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    Available courses

    The 1st Unite! Spring School aims to raise the interest of MSc students to work on a MSc thesis on selected sustainable energy topics, of common interest for the Unite! partners, in the perspective of a future application to a PhD. 

    The School is open to MSc students from all 7 partner Universities.

    The official language of the School will be English.

    The School will combine:

    • lectures by internationally renowned scholars from the 7 Unite! universities;
    • the presentation of MSc thesis proposals on the School topics;
    • presentations by PhD students during testimonial sessions;
    • “serious games” on Energy and networking sessions;
    • online social events;
    • “business” lunches with external stakeholders.

    A Unite! certificate of attendance will be provided to all regularly attending students.

    To partecipate refer to https://international.polito.it/catalogue/summer_schools/2021/unite_spring_school_on_energy

    The second Unite! Boot Camp continues the series of Task Forces 4 and 5 annual events.  It presents the developments on Virtual Campus (TF4) and Teaching and Learning Academy (TF5) to the Unite! community. The objective is to collect feedback on these initiatives from the participants, explore synergies with other Task Forces and discuss the next steps to take. 

    The event is addressed to academic, teaching, technical, and administrative staff in Unite! Attendance is open to the participation of any member of the Unite! alliance interested in these topics.

    Students Co-Creation initiative aims to promote the proactive strategic vision of the students and of what they understand to be their needs.

    UNITE!4FUTURE will enable student participation by presenting ideas and projects that can be implemented and to bring added value for all UNITE! community. The projects are non-academic, but related to all other aspects of the student university life.

    We welcome everyone from UNITE! who is interested in sharing and developing teaching and learning in an international setting. The activities, courses and training events are all run by pedagogical experts from the partner universities and are free of charge for the UNITE! community. In the UNITE! context we invite you to experience how active learning is supported at our partner universities and which special teaching focusses are chosen. You will also have the opportunity to meet lecturers from all partner universities in order to develop strategies for e.g. challenges in intercultural and digital teaching. This UNITE! initiative also gives you an excellent opportunity to start new collaborations within teaching and learning.  

    “Teaching and Learning UNITE” will begin spring 2021 and continues in autumn 2021. All activities are in English. Some offers (courses) can be completed for credits.

    Teaching and Learning UNITE! courses, activities and events are announced on this website.  Pre-registration is required, so please follow the registration details and individual registration deadlines for the different offers. You may register for several activities, but we also would like to ask you to commit to your choice, so that the advance planning of the activities by each organizer will run smoothly.

    This series of 12 pedagogical activities is aimed at teaching staff, lecturers and faculty in all Unite! partner institutions (including Ph.D. students and postdocs involved with teaching), who might be interested in sharing and developing teaching and learning practices. We invite you to meet Unite! colleagues while learning how teaching and learning is promoted at different partner universities.

    The activities – webinars, courses and training events – are run by pedagogical experts from the partner universities and are free of charge for the Unite! community. All “Unite! Teaching and Learning” activities are in English. Some of the activities will award credits.

    Registration details

    Pre-registration is required. Registrations will be carried through each partner channels. Please follow the individual registration details and deadlines for each activity. As much as we encourage you to register to several activities, we would like to ask for a commitment to each of your choices. In order for an event to run smoothly, make sure to communicate with the activity leader of your intention to participate or inability to attend.

    The courses will be carried through the Unite! Metacampus. Previous registration to the Metacampus is required to access the activities' materials, as well as other Unite! courses offered through the platform. 

    This module is designed to help teachers in introducing a new mindset for their students: how to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit among them, while giving tools to develop such a skill and co-creating with them. This will be done independently of the discipline, providing some examples.

    The aim of the workshop is to prepare participants to take the first steps in using project-based learning (PBL). The workshop will discuss the basics of the methodology and conduct an exercise for designing a modest PBL activity that incorporates the basic elements.

    This module is designed to help teachers in using the case method for any type of course, no matter if your discipline is about STEM, Social Sciences, Humanities or Arts. The module deals with the benefits of teaching with cases and the fundamentals about how to do it effectively.

    We are amid a revolution of work, which started already long before the pandemic. Making sense of the future of work can feel tricky in the middle of a constant information overflow. This course is supported with academic research and references packaged in a way that is easy to access. In this course, we will look at how the roles of the individual, organisations and society have changed and how it affects how we work today and in the future.

    More information

    Develop your entrepreneurial mindset and skills and learn the tools for creating a sustainable, scalable and viable business model.

    Entrepreneurial Path is a fast-paced summer course by Aalto University Summer School where participants from around the world come together to explore their entrepreneurial selves. 

    Entrepreneurial capabilities and a driven, decisive mindset are vital in all organisations, and mastering them is key to standing out in today’s competitive business landscape. The course aims to equip students with an entrepreneurial toolkit they could use in any life situation - whether they’re looking to start their own business or join a larger organization.

    The focus areas of the course include: 

    • Developing entrepreneurial skills within communication, leadership, business management and strategic thinking to make you competitive in today's work landscape.
    • Exploring out-of-the-box thinking via innovation and creative problem-solving.
    • Learning the methods and tools needed for creating a sustainable, scalable and viable business model.
    • Using storytelling and pitching to engage your listeners and make you stand out.
    • Using systemic thinking to find your place in the wider business ecosystem.

    More information