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    Registration and Information Teaching and Learning Unite! Spring 2022

    The Teaching and Learning Unite! activities are aimed at all faculties and staff involved with education in all partner universities. We are inviting you to meet Unite! colleagues to share practices with the aim of developing your own teaching. Get an insight into how teaching and learning is promoted at different partner universities.

    The activities – webinars, courses and training events – are run by pedagogical experts from the partner universities and are free of charge for the Unite! community. All activities are held in English and run online. You may receive a certificate, and some of the activities award credits. 

    You are welcome to register to the activities.

    To access the Registration and Information corse, click on the title of the course and "Enrol me" on the next page.


    This space compiles the resources that were exposed in the Unite! Student Fair

    Unite! offers a Language Tandem Programme organised by the Multilingual and Multicultural Training Center (M&M).
    The Language Tandems are a peer-to-peer experience to acquire insights on each other's countries and cultures and to improve language skills in an informal way.
    Student are invited to join the language tandem programme and share their language and culture with others.

    Students Co-Creation initiative aims to promote the proactive strategic vision of the students and of what they understand to be their needs.

    UNITE!4FUTURE will enable student participation by presenting ideas and projects that can be implemented and to bring added value for all UNITE! community. The projects are non-academic, but related to all other aspects of the student university life.

    This intranet is showing the activity of Unite! Universities in Technology Transfer and in Open Innovation.

    The different sections of the intranet are thematic and aligned with one of the two Hubs:

    • Technology Transfer HUB (TTH)
    • Open Innovation HUB (OIH)