How many students are in the metacampus?


I would like to know how many students are enroled in the metacamus.

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Thanks for your question Joan.

Some clarifications are needed beforehand. In the Metacampus, any member of any Unite! university can register  to Metacampus, just an email address from the home university is required. These members can be students, academic staff or administrative/technical staff from the home universities.

Regardless of this role in the home university, in the Metacampus they can have any other role.

For example, in the Teaching and Learning Academy courses, the students of the Metacampus were academic staff in their home university.  On the other side, in case there was a student of one of the universities coordinating a session in the current Boot Camp II, she or he would have the role of teacher in the course of the Boot Camp II in the Metacampus (this time is not the case, but I hope next time yes).

Returning to your question, the number of users of Metacampus that have the role of student is currently about 200. And the number of users with the role of student in their home university is about 60. This number mainly comes from the Spring School of Energy, where most of the enrolled students were students in their home universities.

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Moltes gràcies Jesús. No he rebut cap correu electrònic amb la teva resposta i fins que no he tornat a entrar al metacampus no ho he pogut veure. Ho puc activar d'alguna manera?