What’s Unite!?

Unite! is an European University alliance of innovation, technology and engineering. As a strategic, agile and dynamic alliance of universities based on shared values with a common vision and mutual trust, Unite! commits to being strong driving force for technology and innovation advancing a green and digital Europe. Unite! has four main focus areas: Sustainable Energy, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, Entrepreneurship.

The Unite! partners are embedded in European regions of economic prospection, entrepreneurship and innovation to which they contribute. Unite! universities therefore share a common vision towards regional embeddedness, technology transfer and education in engineering and science, with complementary multidisciplinary approaches. 

With its partners Unite! will deepen and broaden its path to excellence in education, research and innovation, covering all European regions and combining 280,000 students and having more than 75,000 graduates annually. 

You’re in the Metacampus

The Unite! metacampus is a digital platform that connects the nine universities of the alliance, to enable mobile access exclusively to the range of programmes and diversity of activities that are offered through Unite!.


Is this your first time in Unite! metacampus?

Click here to create an account! You only need to have an email address of one of the Unite! universities which you will use as the username.

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