Course Unite! Open Educational Resources in Higher Education
  • Martin Ebner
  • Katharina Hohla-Sejkora
  • Sandra Schön

TU Graz

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Space period: 01.05.24 - 09.05.25

Open Educational Resources (OER for short) are educational materials that are freely accessible and can be edited, adapted, and shared without violating copyrights. This succeeds because so-called "open licenses" or public domain materials are used for this purpose. This lecture - hold in English - introduces the concept of Open Educational Resources for students and teachers at universities. OER are not only an important educational policy issue for international associations such as UNESCO, OER are also part of the call for "Open Science". The lecture will also show and train and where OER can be found and published. And of course, open licenses such as CC-0, CC-BY and CC BY-SA will be explained.

The course aims to reach the following learning objectives for all participants (see

1. I can name and use different open licenses and their requirements and differences.
2. I can find openly licensed educational resources (OER).
3. I can create, revise and remix OER.
4. I can publish OER and make them available to others.

The background to this OER lecture is the joint project "Unite! OER courses" of all nine universities of the European University Alliance Unite!. The lecture integrates the OER MOOC ( and will intensively train, apply and discuss the content. The lecture is open to all Unite! members via the Unite! Metacampus.  or regular students at TU Graz, this course can be taken as a free subject and is especially aimed at students of the field of study "Teaching Computer Science". For successful participation, all will receive an Open Badge and a certificate referring to the national Austrian OER certification scheme, as the lecture concept is officially accredited by the Austrian OER certification (

Registration is open for all from Unite! universities, there is no limit for people or universities. For registration, please just subscribe to the course here at Metacampus and join our interactive online lecture.

Time Schedule

  • Monday, 6.5.2024 9.00-12.00 CEST Interactive Online Lecture (Obligatory)
  • Monday, 27.5.2024 9.00-10.30 CEST Consultation hour on OER creation (Optional)
  • 6.5.2024 - 31.5.2024 Online Course Activities
  • 17.6.2024 - Final Deadline for submission of all results:

Obligatory for a successfull participation are:

  • Successfull completion of MOOC (OER in HEI at
  • Participation at interactive online lecture (Monday, 6.5.2024)
  • Publication of 3 OER (at or other fitting OER repositories)

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