Course U!Train
  • Sophie Belanger
  • Igor Gisterek
  • Elisa Hausherr
  • Björn Kjellgren
  • Odette Rauda Gomez
  • Pol Sabate I San Antonio
  • Faruk Ulgen

Grenoble INP-UGA

Students | 3 ECTS |

Space period: 26.08.24 - 07.09.24

Embark on a sustainable mobility and interculturality journey with the U!Train Blended Intensive Programme ! Join 30 students from 9 Unite! universities as you travel to Barcelona by train for two days of learning and socializing before continuing to Grenoble for five days of immersive experiences. Throughout the program, you'll delve into the topics of Green Mobility and Interculturality through online classes, lectures, and hands-on activities, while also connecting with peers from across Europe and exploring  the vibrant cities of Barcelona and Grenoble. 

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