Course Unite! BIP (Blended Intensive Programme) Competencies for Collaborative Teaching in Joint Programmes
  • Marcela Acosta-Garcia
  • Tomi Kauppinen
  • Elizabeth Keller
  • Karin Knutsson
  • Arnold Pears
  • Madeleine Tucker Smith

KTH,PoliTO,TUDa,TU Graz,Wroclaw Tech

Lecturers and researchers |

Space period: 17.06.24 - 09.10.24

Course overview

This innovative programme aims to help university teachers develop and implement innovative teaching methods for international joint programmes. Be part of an educational transition with our Blended Intensive Programme at KTH Stockholm Jun-Aug 2024.

Discover how to organise collaborative teaching and learning as we delve into the essentials of JPs. Explore the innovation potential of JPs through real-life case studies with Arnold Pears and learn how to navigate multicultural dynamics with Lorenzo GalanteMargaret Pate

Master digital collaboration tools with Tomi Kauppinen. Uncover large scale pedagogical principles with Ernest Ampadu. Gain practical insights into building and overcoming administrative challenges with Karin Knutsson and explore the multicultural leverage within JPs, emphasizing the significance of Community-Based Learning (CBL) and Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) with Marcela Acosta-Garcia. Participate in a combinatorial game with ChatGPT to develop integrated study programmes involving different disciplines and the private sector. and conclude with deep reflections on your learning journey.

Intended Learning Outcomes​

Upon completion, participants should be able to:

  • Experience diverse teaching methodologies and technology tools for use in joint programmes.
  • Raise awareness of collaborative teaching and interdisciplinary approaches
  • Discover and reflect on the potential of the multilingual, multicultural classroom in joint programmes
  • Understand how Joint Programmes can be used as educational playgrounds to implement authentic learning through collaboration with enterprises and academic research.

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