Open Innovation Network

The Open Innovation Network focuses on the regional innovation strategies in order to further develop and be an active driver for new smart specialization areas and initiatives, jointly with all the members of Unite!, together with enterprises willing to participate and regional and or local governments.

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No resuelto No útil 1 0 CO2 FOOTPRINT Imagen de Pere Losantos Pere Losantos Pere Losantos
Mon, 4 de Jul de 2022, 21:28
No resuelto No útil 1 1 Know better about each other: the university organisation Imagen de Andrea Mazza Andrea Mazza Jose Bordonau Farrerons
Tue, 29 de Mar de 2022, 14:59
No resuelto No útil 1 0 unite! in TUDa Start-up & Innovation Day 2021 Imagen de Jose Bordonau Farrerons Jose Bordonau Farrerons Jose Bordonau Farrerons
Mon, 21 de Jun de 2021, 21:41
No resuelto No útil 2 1 Unite! staff gathered to define an open science and innovation roadmap profile picture Jesus Angel Alcober Segura Jesus Angel Alcober Segura
Tue, 22 de Jun de 2021, 08:51