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Virtual reality for education

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Virtual reality for education
by Marcelo Andrés Guzmán Tudela (5) - Friday, 29 April 2022, 12:19 AM


I'm Marcelo, student from UPC (in Catalunya, Spain)

I have heard about some applications of virtual reality in education (some universities are already developing projects with that tecnology), and I think it has very much potential. I would like to suggest something related to it, if there is someone interested in. It would be a way to have more conection between universities, because a class with virtual reality can be given at the same time for students from many different universities

If this idea is interesting to some of you, or you have more ideas to share this is my email:, feel free to contact me

Hi! Don't forget that you should submit the application until 15 May. Don't miss this opportunity.

Any question, ask us or contact directly the other students in this community.

Best regards from the Unite!4Future Team