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3rd Dialogue

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3rd Dialogue
by Gabriel Donate (15) - Monday, 8 March 2021, 1:58 AM

Can the students of the unite! universities participate in the 3rd Dialogue?

Hello. Yes the Dialogue is open for students. You can  register and find in the program here bellow the links to join the session. https://unite-3d-dialogue.inviteo.fr/ You can download the last version of the program by clicking here. Best regards Lucie

This 3rd Dialogue will allow the general public during its session on Tuesday, March 9th at 9 am to learn about the latest developments of Unite! Two speakers will elaborate the concepts of "European Values and Innovation": 

Do students need to do some registration to attend the public viewings? If so, is it too late to register?

Yes you can still register to the public session,

however if you did not register the link is in the programme so you can join anyhow smile