Course H@ckyour-COVID
  • Carole Ferranti
  • Lucie Jiraskova
  • Nadine Lynn-Martinsons
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Space period: 07.09.21 - 07.04.22

What is Hackathon?

Hackathon is an event where participants from different backgrounds and disciplines are brought together to come up with innovative ideas and find creative solutions to a real-life problem in a short period of time. The aim is to give everyone the opportunity to share their ideas, contribute with their knowledge and skills while at the same time making a real impact and developing their creative problem solving skills.

The virtual mobility and Hackathon

This international Hackathon, aims at collecting feedback and ideas from students on the areas that they feel UNITE! should develop further. It is important that this kind of initiatives be launched and carried out by students, as they are the key actors in making such events successful. Furthermore, this kind of events can serve as a model for the development of similar actions through virtual spaces, as virtual mobility enhances student development and promotes international collaborations. 


The COVID-19 pandemic we have been faced with for over a year now has completely changed many aspects of our lives. This goal of this hackathon is to build on that experience in order to make a positive impact. Thus, it has two objectives: first, allow students from different partner universities to share their COVID experience with their peers and second, give students the opportunity to tap into their COVID experience in order to imagine and create the university of the future.